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Art & Design: Plagiarism Programs

Includes Art & Design subject guides.

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Turnitin Plagiarism Program

Turnitin is a web based system used for detecting and preventing plagiarism and improper citations in student homeworks, projects and papers. Once loaded into the system, student works are compared against a vast database. The system detects excerpts, suspicious similarities, uncited references etc. and produces a similarity report. Turnitin's control database consists of academic databases, academic journals and publications, 200+ million student homework, 17+ billion web pages.

Usage: It is used to provide control of student homeworks and thesis, to prevent plagarism  and irregular quotes. 

Student assignments;

The Turnitin plagiarism report for student assignments can display instructors on Cats accounts.
Help ;
Cats user manual;


The graduate students must inform to their affiliated Institution, department information, name-surname and thesis supervisor's name and surname to

User Guides

Guides For Instructors and Students

iThenticate Plagiarism Program

In academic work (excluding student assignments) in order to detect plagiarism iThenticate program, ULAKBIM has been presented to faculty members only. iThenticate in the repository scholarly databases, journals and publications and web pages are more than 17 billion. 

Academics who want to use the program are provided by the library code. Those wishing to obtain a password to the address name, last name and e-mail addresses are kindly requested to inform.

User Guides

 •  iThenticate Datasheet

 •  iThenticate Quick Start Guide

 •  iThenticate Summary


In accordance with the signed license agreement; the use of the iThenticate system is permitted for use by universities, physicians and other senior citizens. In addition, the control of articles submitted to any journal editor for publishing, whether commercial or not, with control of student assignments, projects and theses, should not be made through the system. To summarize it again; If you are the editor of a magazine published by your university or other institution, and an article has been sent by an author to publish in this journal, the editor of that magazine can not control this article in the iThenticate system. However, the author who submitted the article in question may check and report on his / her iThenticate account before submitting this article, which he will send to the journal editor in question, if he / she is an authorized user of a university (even the same university as the journal editor). Limitation is only for magazine editors. There is no problem in controlling your personal work.