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Online Researcher Profiles: Web of Science ResearcherID

Web of Science ResearcherID

Web of Science Researcher Profile is the only profile where you can track your publications, citation metrics, handling editor work, and peer reviews for journals, conferences, and funders in one place.

It allows the users to;


Edit their profiles,


Add their publications,


Track citations,


Manage all Web of Science record

The individual ID number stays with the researcher over the course of career, regardless of name changes or change in institution or affiliation.

How Do I Get a ResearcherID?

Publons profiles were migrated to Web of Science Researcher Profiles. If you are the previous owner of a Publons profile please log in to the Web of Science with your previous Publons credentials to access your existing profile data. 

To create your Web of Science Researcher Profile please first navigate to and from there you can click to either sign in or register. 

Sign in if you have existing Web of Science access, but if you do not have a Web of Science account, please register for one from this page. You can register with your personal or institutional email address. 

Alternatively, you can click on "CREATE" from the side navigation and then follow the prompts. 

For more detailed information please use the help guide below that build up from Derya Soguksu who is profession as Regional Solutions Consultant of Clarivate Analytics firm.


Why it is important?

  • It increases the availability and accessibility of you as a researcher.
  • It is designed to associate you with your scholarly work, thus assuring an accurate record of output and attribution.
  • It also provides a gateway for colleagues to quickly locate their published work and to identify them as potential collaborators.
  • It allows researchers to track, verify and showcase their peer review and editorial contributions for academic journals.

After the ResearcherID is created, to ensure the standard the institution information must be entered by clicking on the Affiliations button.
After selecting Istanbul Kultur University in the Institution field, you must enter the English equivalent of the department you are affiliated to. Please do not use abbreviations and enter the web site of the institution with the date you started to work in the related fields.