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Language: Plagiarism Programs

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Turnitin Plagiarism Program

The Turnitin Plagiarism Program is a web-based system used to prevent plagiarism and improper citations in student assignments and projects. Works such as assignments, projects, etc. that are uploaded to the system are automatically compared to resources in a very large data repository and a similarity report is created by detecting quotations, similarities and improper uses of resources. In addition to academic databases, journals, and publications, there are over 200 million student assignments and more than 17 billion web pages in the data repository of Turnitin.

Use: It is used to check student assignments and theses and to prevent plagiarism and improper citations. 

For student assignments;

  • Instructors may view Turnitin plagiarism reports for student assignments on their Cats accounts.

Help :
Cats user guide:

Access to Turnitin

User Guides

 •  Guides for instructors and students

iThenticate Plagiarism Program

The iThenticate Plagiarism program is only offered to faculty members by ULAKBİM for the purpose of identifying plagiarisms in academic works (excluding student assignments). There are academic databases, journals, publications and more than 17 billion web pages in the data repository of iThenticate.

The academic staff who want to use the program are given a password by the library. To receive your password, please send your first name, last name and e-mail address to

 Access to iThenticate

User Guides

iThenticate User Guide

İThenticate Similarity Report Guide

İThenticate Start Guide


In accordance with the signed license agreement, the use of the
iThenticate system is permitted to only those with a Ph.D. or a higher degree. Furthermore, student assignments, projects, and theses as well as articles sent to the editorship of any journal, whether it is commercial or not, should not be checked through the system. In other words, if any of the authorized users at your university (with a Ph.D. or higher degree) is the editor of a journal published by your university or another institution, and if an article is sent by an author to be published in that journal, the editor of that journal cannot check that article in the iThenticate system. However, if the author who submits the article is an authorized user of a university (even at the same university as the journal editor), he/she can check the article and receive a report through his/her iThenticate account before submitting it to the editorship of the journal in question. The restriction is valid only for journal editors. Checking personal work is not an issue.